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What did you do this past week?

I took my first Algo Exam, and got rekt. Though I had prepared as best I could, it was really difficult not to think of so many different ways to solve a problem’s correctness, and one of the biggest downfalls during it was I accidently spent 20 mins on a Dijkstra’s algorithm problem when it was only counterexample and could’ve taken only 5 mins. Fortunately, I feel like I learned alot of how I prepared for the exam, and I’m going to try harder next time to pick up my pace in understanding problems and doing more examples way beforehand.

I also finished my first short story, which i did not conclude well, and wish I had taken more time to work on the story. I had so many ideas in my mind I wanted to put down, but I was unable to bring them into concrete words that flowed well all together. It’s just a first draft, and I like the concept, so I hope to epand on it in the future, after I finish my second short story…

Other than that, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking over my life. I made a post this week as a blogger on having a Software crisis so I’m still working through it. I enjoy a lot of aspects of Computer Science, and I don’t think I will diverge far from the path of engineering, so I believe that the thought processes that I put in my blog post will help me in better knowing who I am and push me in my future career.

What’s in your way?

Fitting everything I want to do into 24 hours every 7 days without being so tired. Sleep, schoolwork, meetings church stuff, blog posts, newsletters, stackexchange, prayer, financial ordering, etc… I don’t know how I do it in college, but I somehow get everything all together, but I’m afraid that my time management is getting depleted, because I end up sometimes slacking off at times when I should be picking up the pace when I should be doing work.

SWE Class Impressions?

Class has been really good. The exam should be implementation based, similar to OOP, but I’m quite curious to all the stuff we will have to implement in Python. So far we’ve covered RangeIterator (RI), Range with RI, Range without RI (using generator functions), map, list comprehensions, reduce, root mean squared, lambda equations, but other than figuring out how to work with multiple inputs for map (which I believe uses *args), I’m not sure what else he will ask us to implement. It’s possible that within the next lectures, he will ask us to implement certain operators, but as of right now, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

What will you do next week?

I will be waiting to hear from FreeTail Hackers. I’d love to help out for the organization, being someone who loves to go to hackthons. They seem to be leaning towards having my interview oriented for Innovation Team, which is similar to creating projects that are very flashy, which I don’t mind, but I do kind of want to work on maintaining and developing the website, since I’m not typically a web programmer.

Also, I’ll be working on another blog post which I think will be exposing and challenging towards CS majors, involving free food. Hope you look forward to that.

Additionally, I’ll be preparing for the SWE exam, trying out all implementations, and looking into Algorithms, since I feel inadequate in my understanding of the class, and I know I completely got destroyed in the exam.

Tip of the Week

I’m doing a hackathon for SXSW during the Spring Break involving Music, VR/AR, and Film. If you’re interested in applying for it, you can check it out here.

Anyways, here are some link/articles I found interesting this week:s

Written on February 24, 2017