Music Hacks

What did you do this past week?

This past week, our team in SWE was figuring out what tasks we had to finish for the final phase. For the back-end, we are implementing Flask-WhooShee in order to handle our search requests. One thing that has always surprised me, as a recent python programmer, is that a lot of features in python can just be imported and used. With a few quick pip install’s and some documentation reading, a lot of functionalities can be implemented. Flask has so many sub libraries that can be installed to integrate together. Hopefully, we’ll finish all the tasks needed for the proejct way beforehand so that we won’t be stressed as heck at the end of the deadline.

Outside of that, there has been a lot of preparation for Music Hacks. As part of the Tech Team, I’ve helped out on creating the API directory that everyone will get to view. During the hackathon, I will hopefully help out on registration as well as overseeing hackers and witnessing whatever projects that they decide to construct within the 12 hour time. Excitedly, there are about 42% first time hackers, which is a lot, since we have about 100+ students coming out! Definitely can’t wait to see what hacks are created in that time.

What’s in your way?

Discerning how to de-stress.

I experienced a lot of stress last week, and I realized that the root problem behind all that stress was not because of inability to keep up with all the tasks I had, but it was through too much interaction with people. I was never really able to destress until I was able to spend time alone next to Lake Travis to pray, think, and reflect over why I was distressed.

It became clear to me that there are multiple forms of stress, and that some types of stress may involve going out and interacting more with people, while others may involving a lot more reclusiveness and spending time alone.

SWE Impressions?

I found refactoring to be very interesting. There are so many different design patterns that you can take on for your code. Whether it’s putting a segment of code for some functionality into a separate method, creating inherited classes in order to have different actions happen for the same method, or deciding whether to keep variables for caches or keeping method funcionalities. I find that though a flawless structure for clean code is subjective, there are definitely some designs that should always be implemented into code projects.

What will you do next week?

I will be finishing up the SWE project and getting the presentation of our project at a presentable point so we can do well when we show off our website. Also, our team will be making sure Flask Whooshee works as needed and connecting the back-end functionality with the front end search bar. Additionally, I hope that I’ll be able to get the article for the professor fine-tuned and published by the end of the week.

Tip of the Week

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Written on April 15, 2017